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PortAventura Park incl. accommodation at one of the theme park’s hotels
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PortAventura Park incl. accommodation at park hotel

Unforgettable moments at Spain’s most popular theme park
2805 reviews

What's included

  • Overnight stay at the theme park hotel of your choice

  • Further extras such as breakfast, depending on the chosen hotel

  • Entry to PortAventura Park theme park for the duration of your stay

What we love

  • Includes 1x free entry to Ferrari Land

  • Over 5 km of roller coasters in the park

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Quality-tested premium hotels
More than 1 million satisfied travellers
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  • Overnight stay at your booked park hotel
  • With breakfast
  • Entry to PortAventura Park for the duration of your stay included
  • One day’s entry to Ferrari land included
  • With discounts for Caribe Aquatic Park
  • Children under the age of 3 can enter for free
  • Address of PortAventura Park:PortAventura Park, Avinguda Alcalde Pere Molas, s/n 43480, Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain

Further information:

  • You will receive your tickets when you check in at your hotel
  • Please note: Event times can change at short notice. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the details before the event.

Trip operator

Travelcircus acts as an intermediary for the individual travel components. Responsible for the service is the
Wagner Kurzreisen GmbH.
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Getting there

If you are travelling by car, enter the following address into your navigation system:

PortAventura Park Avinguda Alcalde Pere Molas s/n 43480 Vila-seca, Tarragona Spain

Look out for the hotels which you can park at on-site. You can use a parking space for free. You can then get from your hotel to the park on foot or, depending on the hotel, you can take a shuttle.

If you’re taking public transport, head to Salou – PortAventura station. From there, you can walk to the theme park in around 10 minutes.

If you are flying to Spain, Barcelona airport is the best one to fly to. From there, you can take a taxi or drive to the park in about an hour. If you take public transport, the journey takes approximately twice as long.

Discover Salou and Tarragona on a minibreak

Situated on the Mediterranean coast, this theme park is the perfect place to go if you want to combine your trip with a holiday in Salou. The city will entrance you with its breathtaking beaches and stunning scenery which make for an unforgettable holiday.

The city of Tarragona is about 12 km from Salou and is a gorgeous place to visit. Here are some ideas for your trip to Tarragona:

  • Relax on the city beach: The beach is named El Miracle (miracle) for good reason. Wander along the seafront kick back and relax on a day by the sea.
  • Walk through the Old Town: This Catalonian city houses a fascinating old town which is perfect for exploring. Soak up the atmosphere of picturesque alleyways dappled with sun.
  • Take a trip back in time at the city’s amphitheatre: Don’t skip the amphitheatre on a trip to Tarragona. This round stadium which previously hosted gladiatorial fights in the Roman era is right on the coast so you can visit it on your way to the beach.


PortAventura – The largest theme park in Spain

Adventure, adrenaline and wall-to-wall fun – all this and more is waiting for you at PortAventura Park. Located about an hour and half from Barcelona, this Spanish theme park is divided into 6 themed worlds with over 40 attractions and spectacular shows so you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

You can also explore Ferrari Land where you can immerse yourself in the history of this iconic Italian brand and experience the thrill of Formula 1 up close. With a height of 112 m and speeds of up to 180 km/h, Red Force is both the highest and the tallest roller coaster in Europe. If you’re looking to cool off after this medley of roller coasters, you can head to Caribe Aquatic Park where you can soak up the tropical atmosphere surrounded by waterfalls and pools.

PortAventura Park has inspired numerous, glowing reviews from former guests on platforms like Tripadvisor and HolidayCheck. These reviews often mention the fantastic themed worlds which have been created with a stunning level of attention to detail and the park’s breathtaking roller coasters and shows.

The seven most popular attractions at PortAventura Park

With over 40 attractions, you can choose from the cream of the crop. Here is a list of the seven most popular attractions at PortAventura Park.

  • Tutuki Splash: In the Polynesian jungle of PortAventura, there lies a volcano on the brink of erupting. One thing is certain, you won’t be staying dry on this refreshing ride. Make sure to bring a change of clothes with you!

  • Furius baco: From 0 to 135 km/h in three seconds of pure adrenaline. Welcome to Furius Baco which takes you skimming along the floor, races through tunnels and so close to the Mediterranean, you can almost taste it.

  • Shambhala: Ascend to spectacular heights on the tallest roller coaster in PortAventura Park which takes you on a thrilling ride through the Himalayas.

  • Dragon Khan: Immerse yourself in the tale of Prince Hu, who has been transformed into a dragon and hold tight as this hair-raising ride goes through 8 loops at a speed of 110 km/h.

  • Port De La Drassana: Discover Imperial China on a boat ride which draws on the adventures of Marco Polo.

  • Stampida: This ride takes competitiveness to a whole new level. On Stampida, two roller coasters battle it out on parallel tracks.

  • Hurakan Condor: As soon as you set foot in PortAventura Park, you’ll see the tower of Hurakan. The tower plunges you 100 m into the depths.

PortAventura Park tickets with accommodation in one of the park’s hotels

After such an incredible day, who has the energy for anything other than collapsing into a comfy bed. Thanks to the Travelcircus offer, you can do just that. Travelcircus offers accommodation at one of the theme park’s hotels as well as tickets for the theme park. You can get to the park from your hotel on foot or on the shuttle.

You can choose from the following hotels for your exciting trip to PortAventura:

  • 4⭑ Portaventura Hotel Caribe
  • 4⭑ PortAventura El Paso
  • 4⭑ PortAventura Hotel
  • 4⭑ PortAventura Hotel Gold River
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - PortAventura Park incl. accommodation at one of the theme park’s hotels

The PortAventura Park opening hours vary according to specific days and months. You can find more information in the conditions.

PortAventura Park offers over 40 rides, various themed worlds, spectacular shows and, above all, fun!

When you book your trip to PortAventura Park with Travelcircus, you can book accommodation at a selection of the theme park’s hotels. You will find the hotel address on your booking confirmation. You can either walk to the park from your hotel or, depending on the hotel, you can take a shuttle to the park.

No, pets are not allowed at PortAventura Park.

Barcelona is around 100 km North of the theme park. You can get there in about 2 hours by train or you can drive there in approximately an hour and a half.

You will receive your tickets for PortAventura Park when you check in at the hotel.

The address of PortAventura Park is: Avinguda Alcalde Pere Molas, s/n 43480 Vila-Seca, Tarragona, Spain. You can drive to the park from Barcelona in about an hour and a half or you can take the train to Salou-PortAventura station and then the park is a 10 minute walk away.

The Travelcircus PortAventura Park offer includes tickets for the park, accommodation at one of the theme park’s hotels and breakfast. One day’s entry to Ferrari Land and discounts for Caribe Aquatic Park are also included.

There is free parking available for you at your hotel. From there, you can either walk to the park or, depending on the hotel, take a shuttle.