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Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

This enchanting castle has been astounding visitors for over 100 years and attracts around 1.4 million visitors from all over the world every year! Why not explore this idyllic castle for yourself and peruse Travelcircus' premium hotel offers nearby?

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The History of Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle, or Schloss Neuschwanstein in German, is part of the legacy of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. This picturesque castle was one of many construction projects which King Ludwig commissioned during his reign and Neuschwanstein was opened to visitors just 7 weeks after his death in an attempt to cover the debts that Ludwig incurred to build the castle. Neuschwanstein is one of the most beloved castles in Germany and its extraordinary design is known worldwide.

King Ludwig II was a great supporter of the arts and an ardent enthusiast of the work of Wagner. The king was widely considered somewhat eccentric and his commitment to constructions such as Neuschwanstein only served to support this image. Ludwig persisted in incurring debts during his reign as a result of such projects and was usurped in 1886, having been declared mentally unfit to rule. He died in mysterious circumstances less than a week later.

Despite his eccentricities, Ludwig has had a marked impact on the landscape of Bavaria thanks to his castles and is often known as the Swan King or the Märchenkönig - the Fairytale King.

Castle Neuschwanstein is located in the Bavarian region of Allgäu in Germany and the breathtaking natural scenery of the region perfectly compliments the castle's fairytale image.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

Disney inspiration in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle looks like it has jumped off the page of a fairytale, with its romantic turrets and striking natural backdrop. It's unsurprising that this extravagant castle has been said to be the inspiration for the first Disney castle constructed in Anaheim and the style is reminiscent of the castles which are synonymous with the Disney image, like Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland® Paris and Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World® Orlando.

Neuschwanstein Castle incorporates elements of design from various historical eras including the medieval period, the Renaissance and the baroque period. It's this flamboyant combination of architectural styles which lends the castle its sense of the ethereal.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Neuschwanstein Castle

Where is Neuschwanstein Castle?

Neuschwanstein Castle is in Bavaria, Germany near Munich and the Austrian border.

How can I visit Neuschwanstein Castle?

You can buy tickets for guided tours of Neuschwanstein Castle Tickets are available online and on-site at the Hohenschwangau Ticket Centre. You can only visit the castle on a guided tour.

How can I get to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich?

The quickest way to get from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle is by car. The journey should take around 2 hours. If you travel on public transport, it takes about an hour longer.

When was Neuschwanstein Castle built?

Construction of Neuschwanstein Castle began in 1868 and the castle was first opened to visitors in 1886.

Which films has Neuschwanstein Castle appeared in?

Thanks to its picturesque design and fairytale appeal, Neuschwanstein Castle has been used in a variety of films including classic films such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Great Escape and modern blockbusters like The King’s Man and the Monuments Men.

What is the link between Disney and Neuschwanstein Castle?

Neuschwanstein Castle is said to have been the inspiration for the first Disney castle in Anaheim and also resembles other castles at Disneyland® Paris and Walt Disney World® Orlando.

Which hotels can I stay at near Neuschwanstein Castle?

What languages does Neuschwanstein Castle offer for tours?

Guided tours of Neuschwanstein Castle are offered in English and German. Audio guides are offered in a variety of other languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin) and Polish.

What’s the best time of year to visit Neuschwanstein Castle?

Neuschwanstein Castle is stunning throughout the year and looks especially magical when dusted with snow in the Winter. It should be noted that in order to reach the castle, visitors will need to navigate the road up to Neuschwanstein Castle which can become icy in Winter. It is possible to take a carriage or a shuttle bus most of the way to the castle entrance.